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How to find flights to Spain

Spain is a major travel destination which makes finding flights to Spain a really easy task. The Spanish airports receive flights from virtually all over the world.

The busiest airport is Spain is Madrid Barajas International Airport (IATA: MAD) , which opened in 1928 and is always expending. There are four terminals opened for the passengers insuring that flights to Spain arrive from all the over the world. Madridís airport receives the majority of transatlantic flights and is a major European hub for flights to and from Central and South America. Itís a very modern airport, providing shopping, dining, banking and other facilities across all the terminals. The airport is located at about 15 km from the city center and is connected to it via metro line 8.

Barcelona International Airport (IATA: BCN) is Spainís second largest airport and an important hub for flights from Europe and North Africa. During summer, the airport receives a lot of charter flights. Palma de Mallorca Airport (IATA: PMI) is also a very busy airport especially during the summer when there are countless flights to this great island. The majority of flights are from Europe but the airport is served by airlines from all over the world.

Spain is a vast country which makes air travel the best choice to move from a city to another. Most of the big airports also receive international flights. During the summer, there are countless of charter flights to the major tourist destinations. Low cost carriers also offer direct flights into the tourist areas, including into the well-known islands of Mallorca or Tenerife.
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