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How to find flights to Ireland

Flights to Ireland arrive on four major international airports: Dublin, Shannon, Cark and Ireland West. By far the busiest of them in Dublin Airport (IATA: DUB) which is located about 10 km north of Dublin City. The airport receives direct flights from cities in US, Canada, UK and continental Europe. The airport is hub to Aer Lingus, the Irish national carriers. Itís also the hub for the low-cost carrier Ryanair. The Middle East is served well with Etihad Airways operating flights between Ireland and Abu Dhabi. In terms of price, Aer Lingus and Ryanair are competing for the best price for most European destinations.

International flights to Ireland also arrive on Shannon Ė which receives flights from US, Canada, UK and continental Europe- , Cork Ė which receives flights from most UK cities and other European cities, while Knock Airport receives flights from Europe and US.

A metro line connecting Dublin airport to the city center is currently under construction.

Without a doubt the Dublin Ė London route is the second most popular in the world. There are about 50 departures from Dublin which arrive on one of Londonís airports.

If you plan to travel to US from either Dublin or Shannon airports you will pass through US border preclearance which means your paperwork will be dealt with here, hence saving time on arrival in US. Due to the airports being too busy many flights donít use the service so make sure to ask if itís available or not.
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