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How to find flights to Greece

Flights to Greece are extremely easy to find. No wonder that the majority of tourists arrive here by air. No matter what your vacation destination in Greece is, your first stop should always be Athens or Thessaloniki.

The majority of traffic arrives on Athens International Airport , which is an important hub providing flights to Greece from the Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa and some long-haul destinations. The airport is located at 27 km north east of the capital and is served by 64 airlines, including the national carrier Aegean Airlines. A host of low-cost carriers connect Greece to the rest of Europe, making flying into Greece very affordable.

The airport has been operating since 2001 and provides a lot of modern facilities, such as free internet, restaurants and 11 luggage conveyor belts. The customs system is very well organized. There are three channels: red for non-EU passengers with goods to declare, green for non-EU passengers with no goods and blue for EU passengers.

The airport is very well linked to Athens. If you prefer to use the public transport, there’s a Suburban Rail system which links the airport to Athens Central Railway Station and Piraeus Harbor. Metro lines also run between the airport and the city center.

During the summer season –usually starting from mid May – , plenty of European carriers offer flights directly into the most well known Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Rhodes or Crete. Many airlines also offer charter planes to various Greek destinations.

If you want to explore Greece between late autumn and early spring, the flights are rather limited but you will still be able to find flights into either Athens or Thessaloniki.
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