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How to find flights to Frankfurt

The financial capital of Europe, Frankfurt is famous for its skyline and international airport. Home to the European Central Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, itís no wonder that the flights to Frankfurt have to accommodate both leisure and business travelers.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the second busiest in Europe, after Londonís Heathrow. Being home to important financial institution and hosting several fairs a year, all major airlines offer numerous flights to Frankfurt. There are literally flights from every continent and city in the world. Lufthansa has its hub here and offers the best connections to the city. The airport has currently two terminals and one is being constructed (scheduled to be finished by 2010). Terminal 1 is home to Lufthansa and all other Star Alliance airlines, while the rest of the airlines use Terminal 2. The new terminal will be able to handle Airbus A380.

While the restrooms are probably the worst designed in the world (accommodating only up to 3 users at a time), the cafť-style tables and chairs are perfect for those who need to use their laptop while in the airport. Donít count on drinking your coffee there though.

The easiest way to get to the city from the airport is via S-Bahn although you can also take a bus or taxi. Generally speaking, to get to the city (or to the airport from the city) you should take S8 or S9. A map will be very useful. The ride from the airport to the central station takes about 14 min.
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