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How to find flights to France

France is one of the most visited countries in the world, which makes finding flights to France a really easy job. Major airlines from all over the world serve France but the majority of flights arrive from Europe.

The majority of traffic arrives on Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport which is the most important hub for flights to France as well as the busiest airport in the country. The airport is located at 15 miles/ 24 km NE of Paris and there are several options to get from the airport to the city center: RER B-Regional Rapid Transit, Roissybus, Les Cars Air France, taxi or private hotel shuttle services.The airport is not only busy but also huge and notoriously confusing. The majority of airlines fly into either Terminal 1 or 2 so make sure you know where you should be heading to and allow plenty of time to get there.

Since France is a big country, several other airports located outside the capital handle a lot of traffic as well. If you plan to spend your vacation in the Alps, your best bet is to fly into Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport, which receives flights from virtually all over the world.

If you spend your vacation on Cote d’Azur, you can fly into Nice Airport, which receives flights from Europe, North America, Middle East and North Africa. During the summer season, plenty of carriers also offer charter flights into these well-known vacation spots.

Also, several low-cost carriers fly into different French cities, so you really have a lot of alternatives to choose from when planning your flights to France.

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