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Flights to Dublin

How to find flights to Dublin

Dublin is served by a rather small and very busy airport. All flights to Dublin arrive on Dublin Airport (IATA:DUB). Currently the airport has only one terminal which was extended in 2007. A new terminal is scheduled for opening in 2010.

The Irish national carrier, Aer Lingus, has its hub here and offers flights to Dublin from most of the European cities, US, Canada and Dubai. The national carrier often competes for the best price with Ryanair but make sure to know all the taxes which apply before purchasing a ticket.

Although there isnít a metro line to the city center from the airport, you can take three types of buses to Dublin. Aircoach connects the airport to most of the hotels. Buses leave every 15 min a single ticket costs Ä7. Dublin Bus offers a special AirLink service from the airport to the city center. The buses leave every 10 min and they usually avoid the traffic. The ticket costs Ä6 for one way. Also you can use any of the other Dublin Buses which go to the city but the trip will take longer although itís way cheaper (Ä2 one way).

Although United States border preclearance services are available at Dublin Airport, most of the flights wonít offer the service because of congestion. If your flight offers the service it means youíll go through all the paperwork check before leaving Dublin, hence saving time when landing in US.

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