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How to find flights to Berlin

Germany's capital, Berlin is the largest city in the country, known for its cafes, clubs, museums, palaces and history. Finding flights to Berlin is relatively easy as the city is connected to pretty much every corner of Europe but not so well connected to the rest of the world.

As the city was divided into two sections during the Cold War, each part had its own airport. Efforts have been made to merge the traffic and currently, Berlin is home to three airports. The largest and most important of them is Tegel International Airport (IATA: TXL) which receives flights to Berlin both from international and domestic destinations. Tegel is served by the major airlines such as Lufthansa, BA, Air France, KLM or Delta. The airport is located in the north-west part of the city and is connected to the city center by bus. Be careful that there isn't a direct railway link to the airport!

Schönefeld (IATA: SXF) is a smaller airport which is preferred by the low-cost carriers such as EasyJet, RyanAir and Germanwings. It also receives flights from Asia and the majority of European cities. To get to the city center from the airport you can either take the S-Bahn or the train.

Tempelhof, a huge relic of the pre-war era, is due to close by the end of 2008, while constructions are on the way at Schönefeld for the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg International, due to be opened in 2011.

Although it's very easy to get to Berlin from anywhere in Europe, it might get tricky if you are flying into Berlin from anywhere else. Much due to historical reasons, there are limited flights to the rest of the world but both Delta and Continental have started a service between New York and Berlin in 2005.

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